Sunday, March 23, 2008

As you can see, my name is Paulo Teixeira and this will be my very first attempt at Blogging so please excuse the site looking unorganized at first.

My Grandmother had been getting very week so last January I went to Sao Miguel, Azores to visit her. I do own a Sony HC1 but because of an accident that happened to the camcorder, I was forced to buy an Aiptek A-HD for $150. Sadly, I couldn’t afford anything better.

Here is a small sample of photographs that I took while I was over their.

If you want to see much more photos as well as 720 30p videos then click on these links.

Just be warned that it may take you a while if you plan on downloading everything. Also, I’ve included both good and terrible looking shots.

If I were to ever get the money, I would go their again this summer with a Sony EX1. Never mind trying to afford a plane ticket, but trying to afford the EX1 and a powerful laptop may take me a while. That’s over 10 grand!